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Dramatic LAMDA Results

St Francis LAMDA pupils have had a dramatic summer holiday, celebrating their phenomenal LAMDA results, following the exams they took at the end of their academic year.ction for your news story here.

As is the case with most schools; the end of the year at St Francis is full to the brim of excitement and activities, not to mention the end of year exams. The LAMDA pupils juggled their loads incredibly well, as was shown in their results – of the 52 who took their exams, 49 achieved Distinctions and 3 Merits!

Head of Drama, Abby Bracken explained “I think these are some of, if not the best results I have ever seen pupils awarded in my career. That is not to diminish the achievements of the pupils – they did phenomenally well, and each performer excelled not just in their exams but also in the drama showcases they took part in in the run up to these exams. Well done all – I am absolutely thrilled!”

St Francis is a leading independent Prep School for children aged 0-13 years old, based on a 17-acre site in the heart of the Pewsey Vale. Pupils at the school are able to take LAMDA from Year 3, in addition to their specialist Drama lessons. The School has a long history of producing talented actors, with a steady flow of Drama Scholarships being awarded to leavers each year. This year two pupils were given Drama awards for Senior Schools.

Head at St Francis, David Lee added “These results are absolutely fantastic, and I’m sure that our pupils and their parents are absolutely ecstatic. The Drama department at St Francis is one of the best I know, and these results are testament to the talent of our pupils and quality of the teaching. I am delighted for all those who have received their results.”