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Friends of St Francis

The Friends of St Francis is an organisation of dedicated parents and staff committed to serving all pupils at St Francis School. It consists of a Committee of Secretary, Treasurer, Events Co-ordinator, Communicatons Officer and Class Representatives who meet regularly and work tirelessly to help raise funds to purchase school ‘extras’. A full calendar of events is planned by the The Friends of St Francis every year.  The FoSF is not intended to be only a fund raising body.  All social events are self-financing, any profits made are used to benefit the children in the school.  This is done through the organisation of social events for the children and through the purchase of special items of equipment for the benefit of the whole school.  All our parents are members of the FoSF and kindly agree to pay the termly subscription when they accept a place for their child in the school.

The Friends of St Francis is not involved in the running of the school.

We encourage you to support the FoSF and to become active participants. Your time and talents will enable us to enrich the lives of our children.

We have a dedicated email address:
Your contacts: Bee Roycroft (Chair)

The FoSF Team

  • Little Saints - Ashleigh Telling
  • Reception - Lesley Bush
  • Year 1 - Carolyn Morton
  • Year 2 - Caroline Boyd
  • Year 3 - John Allott & Eleanor Marshall
  • Year 4 - Annie Berry
  • Year 5 - Tabitha Akers-Douglas
  • Year 6 - Bee Roycroft & Harry Huxley-Parlour
  • Year 7 - Alice Mace & Liz Robbie
  • Year 8 - Alice Gates


Boosting donations with Gift Aid

Are you a UK taxpayer? You can boost any donations you make to St Francis School by 25p of Gift Aid for every £1 you donate. To do this please complete our Gift Aid Declaration form and return it to the Bursary. Thank you!