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Health & Wellbeing

With an ability to recognise and regulate their emotions, form friendships and work both independently and collaboratively towards goals, pupils use their learning in our personal & social education programme (PSE) to become active, self-directed learners and individuals. At the heart of our educational philosophy is the belief that we prepare children not just for their next school but for life. It is the skills and qualities our pupils develop, as much as the knowledge and understanding they gain, that will define the quality of the life they live. PSE underpins everything we do, so that our pupils to develop into becoming the confident, considerate and compassionate individuals we hope will shape a better world.

St Francis children experience the PSE programme through explicit learning opportunities, such as morning meetings, assemblies and PSE lessons. These opportunities also connect to Child Safeguarding, enabling them to understand their bodies and emotions as well as recognise and manage unsafe situations. Personal and social learning also takes place implicitly through our school culture and community, in the way we interact with each other and in how our school values are visible and explicit in daily life.

Our Wellbeing Principles recognise that our school environment should be a place which fosters self awareness, self esteem, self expression, belonging and competence and by doing so our whole community is better prepared to thrive and learning can take place. Personal and social learning can then also intentionally build the skills and qualities of the St Francis profile.