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Art & Design

Dedicated Facilities

With two dedicated Art and Design Technology rooms (one of which houses a ceramics kiln), our spacious Art & DT department allows the opportunity for children to learn to express themselves through art. The art room is always an exciting place to be. Pupils are introduced to a wide range of materials and techniques. They can explore large scale ambitious projects, utilise ICT facilities and learn specialist skills such as ceramics and printmaking.

Every Child is an Artist

The children’s work can be seen all around the school throughout the year. Every child’s work is valued and each child will have work on display, which encourages high standards and pride in their achievements.

Extra-Curricular Enrichment

Art Scholarship club allows those who are especially interested or gifted to develop their skills further. Children are guided whilst they develop their portfolios. They are also encouraged to share their knowledge of their favourite artists and to create work from their inspiration. They are also given advice on preparing for scholarships to their chosen senior schools.

Curriculum Opportunities

Our rich and diverse curriculum aims to harness pupils’ interest and enthusiasm. We provide a firm foundation for the children giving them knowledge and skills in Art and Design Technology through drawing, painting, print-making, 3D work, mixed media, model making and ICT.

As well as practical work, there is an emphasis on Art and Design history: the children will be exposed to iconic artists and taught to appreciate the work of a variety of artists, craft workers and designers from around the world.