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Forest School

Welcome to the Forest School, where our outdoor classroom is nestled in the heart of the outdoors, providing an exceptional learning and playing environment for children. Our belief is that nature offers a perfect setting for children to learn, explore and grow.

Our programs are designed to cultivate in children, at all levels of development, a passion for exploration, imagination, creativity, and resilience. We offer a diverse range of activities that keep children engaged and motivated.

When all learning is carried out from behind a screen or sat at a desk it can be damaging, so our outdoor programmes aim to encourage students to get back out into the outdoors. Our instructors are trained in outdoor education and child development, and they share an unshakeable passion for helping children reconnect with nature. They foster a supportive and inclusive environment that enables children to learn at their own pace, nurture their interests, and develop their skills.

At the Forest School, we understand that the great outdoors is essential for children's physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Our outdoor classroom is a safe and stimulating environment that helps children develop their social skills, enhance their confidence, and gain a deep appreciation for nature.

Join us at the Forest School and let your child thrive amidst the stunning natural beauty of the outdoors.